Denise you have always stood alongside me as my coach, when my life was going well and I was looking for the next challenge, and when my life felt like it was falling down around my ears and I was struggling to get out of bed.  I feel like these last few years have been a rollercoaster ride - but you were always in the seat next to me - sometimes laughing and screaming in delight and sometimes holding me whilst I sobbed and wanted to get off. What I love about working with you is that you always remind me that I am the one making the choices and I am the one in charge of creating a life that I enjoy living. Today I am so proud of the life I have created: my family, my friends and my work are all so nurturing, exciting and fulfilling. You are someone who is making a massive difference to the planet - one person at a time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With love and hugs


Denise is much like a sculptor. She peels away the layers that hide who you really are and provides you with tools to create a future to have all you want now. It all happens in a conversation. If you are open to share what's going on in your life and are willing to be contributed to,then strap yourself in for a journey of discovery.


When I look back at my life six months ago, I am in total awe of where I am now, and how my life works now. I am a full time mother with two year old twins and a sixteen year old daughter.

I was struggling to keep up with my toddlers and banging my head against a brick wall with my teenage daughter. The stress was having a huge impact on my relationship of ten years. I turned up at a friends house one day in total breakdown, feeling that my life was falling apart and there was nothing I could do about it –  total despair. She gave me a business card that has turned out to be the most precious gift she could have given me. The card said: RELATE, coaching that has you be the difference. I rang that number and Denise came to see me two days later.


There are many highlights that I could share about the difference having Denise, as my life coach has made for me, for now I have chosen just a couple to illustrate.

I believe the greatest gift I have received in my association with Denise is how I view myself, I used to berate myself at any opportunity and was completely driven to succeed and although this had me achieve I was always exhausted and dissatisfied like a “donkey chasing a carrot.” I know myself to be someone that can take on anything if I want now, that obstacles are opportunities, and that anything can be resolved in a conversation, I mean anything


Denise has coached me in my life for over 12 months now and I am very clear about the difference she has made in my life and the difference she has had me make in my life.

Nowhere in my 48 years of life on this earth have I experienced the listening that Denise has for me.  Her accuracy is phenomenal and her love knows no bounds.


It has been such a privilege and gift to have Denise Simons as my Coach.  She has been instrumental in causing one of the greatest breakthroughs in my life. 

My background is that I am a 50-year-old single mother of three adult children. I am a registered nurse working in Health Administration.  My second marriage ended over thirteen years ago and effect of that, on top of past “failed” relationships, had such a powerful impact, that I had not been in a relationship since that time


I first met Denise 3 years ago and she has become an amazing friend in that time. 

From March of this year I have had the opportunity to be coached by Denise. When I first started the coaching I was going back to full time studies at AUT after 20 years away. I had been a “D” student and just managed to survive 3 years of High School. I started this year getting "C"s for my assignments and exams and have finished my Diploma in Event Management this year with A and "B"s. I know achieving these results has been inside of Denise’s coaching because she has bought a rigger to me to believe in myself. I have really thrived with my studies and love the ongoing challenge. I can’t wait for March 2004 to come around as I am going on to do a Degree in Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences for the next three years.


I first meet Denise at one of her workshops and in a very short 4 hours Denise began transforming my life. I was in a downward spiral with money; not working and was trying to set up my new art business. In the time that I was with her at the workshop she showed me that painting was my gift, how to access my bodies power, to trust in the universe and to listen to the messages within my body. Less than two weeks later I had my first public art exhibition, that completely blew my friends out of the water!