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Welcome to "Simons Says" and " Let's Chat"

"Simons Says" comes from the game that I played when I was young.  Someone at the front of the room would say put your hands on your head and you would put your hands on you head. Different instructions would be given and the first person who would not follow the instruction would be out and this would continue until there was only one person standing and they were the winner of the game. Can you remember the game?

Well I do not mean that when I say "Simons Says" Let me tell you how I created "Simons Says" My name is Denise Simons and I am the founder of Relate Coaching.  I have had one or two clients say to me that I could be next Oprah and I replied maybe but how about the next Simons Says as that fits with my name.  After some laughter I created this space so that when I am available online I would make myself available at no charge to answer questions to anyone who was wanting the answer to their question.

So why don't you give it a go and ask me a question.  You will see a small blue chat box in the bottom right corner of this page if I am available.  Simply type in your question and let's get started.  It is private so only you & I can see what we are saying.

If I am not currently online you can always email me on info@relatecoaching.co.nz and I will be in contact

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