Focus Group Workshop (4 to 6 weekly)

If you are someone wanting to stay focused on what is important to you at the same time as keeping in touch with your inner self this is a workshop that you might want to find out more about...

How it works ...

First we spend the time to find out how to get in touch with your inner self and how this is connected to your purpose in life.  You know the purpose that has been calling you and will keep you moving forward in life.

Then we spend time together every 4 to 6 weeks developing your connection & purpose.  We do this by having conversations within the group.

I will coach each person so that you are able to reconnect & peel back (let go of) any fixed ways of being and thinking that stops you from reaching your full potential.

Because this is done in a group setting it can cause a flow on effect for all in the group.

Listed below are the requirements for someone considering registering into a group that meets every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the year.

  • Has the ability to commit to a 4 to 6 weekly workshop over a period of time.  These dates are scheduled with the people in the group.
  • Is willing to be coached.
  • Considers them self as someone who is and will do the work that is required to forward themselves.
  • Is willing to be challenged by others especially by the coach / facilitator.

Facts that you will need to know to register

  • $60 / person (paid prior to the day of the workshop), depending on where you want the workshop to be travelling costs may be charged. This will be discussed prior to finalising the workshop booking.
  • Each brings a plate of food to share a meal during the process 
  • 6 to 8 people per group / workshop



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