Couples Workshop

Spoil yourselves, take this time together and recreate who you are for one another in a way that will speak of your future together, what you want for one another today, tomorrow and the day after.

There is two stages to this workshop and they can be joined together on one day or booked separately.

These workshops have been developed around recognizing what you have had and what you want in the future together.

Stage One

Is about taking time out from your everyday life and taking the time to work on your commitment to one another and what you want and what is possible in your relationship

Stage Two

Is about developing a clear way to communicate your commitment and love to one another.

What the workshops are NOT about is talking about specific past upsets within your relationships

What they are about is:

* What makes a relationship work

* What makes your relationship work

* What do you want from your partner to have love be present

* What do you mean when you say yes and what are you saying yes to

* What will make you and me happy, now and in the future

If this sounds like you and your partner or if you are ready for the next stage in your relationship

zn.oc.gnihcaocetaler@retsiger  to find out more about this workshop

Cost: $150  / couple / stage (paid prior to the workshop) plus bring a plate of food to share with others

Times: 4 hours approx (actual times to be confirmed)

Where: To be advised

Next available workshop : Enquiries welcome


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