Presentation Workshop

Because many presenters are at different levels of training when it comes to their presentation skills I am able to work with individuals or groups.

How do you be effective & comfortable?Confidence – what is it and how do you get more of it?How do you get to express the real you in front of a group?How do you communicate in a way that makes the impact that you are committed too?When everything goes wrong how do you still be great?How do you communicate to all levels at the same time?

Ensuring that all planning required is managed so that you are free to express and communicate without concern.

Creation Workshops

This style of workshop is generally used to work through questions like

How do you create beyond what is possible?

What is the purpose of your business or service and how are you going to communicate that purpose in the world?

What is your personal purpose in life and how are you going to communicate this to the world?

Communication Workshop

Discussed in this workshop are personal perceptions and meanings, and how that makes us feel within the workplace.

Why do we get upset and cause stress for ourselves about what others say and do in the workplace?

How do we manage this upset and stress?

Creating and clearing calls

This time is used for coaching and preparing individuals prior to an important event.

Creating a clearing is to have the client put aside their anxiousness, nervousness, worry, concern, stress, etc, and stand in their commitment.  This allows for the client to have clarity in their communication and their goals.

From experience this has proven to be a popular request of my coaching and always leads to more effective outcomes for both the client and the client's audience.

A second call may be utilised after an event (completion call).  This is used to debrief and clarify what happened during the event so that the client is left at ease with their experience.  The completion call prevents upset or stress occurring after an event and leaves the client in a space to create future action.

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