Professional External Supervision

is a professional relationship that enables you to reflect,

grow & develop one-self & your profession.

The supervisor listens & asks questions to create clarity

so that you can move forward and into action.

Professional External Supervision can accelerate the achievements of your goals by discovering a greater focus, it can deepen your awareness and understanding of who you are and what you want.

In general, when a person is in action in life,

they are in action in all areas of their life.

Professional External Supervision Services

The service that I offer is available using different methods.  The approach is generally chosen by the person being supervised to ensure that they are left feeling empowered throughout the process.
The following methods are some services I offer:

  • Individual, face to face supervision
  • Individual, phone supervision
  • Group supervision
  • Creating and clearing calls

The following section outlines each of the above services with an aim of increasing your understanding of the range of supervision methods available.

Outline of Services

Individual, face to face Supervision

This service is used particularly for the first meeting with the client. Working face to face enables a relationship to be developed between supervisor and supervisee and creates an understanding of the external supervision guidelines.  This time is used for setting appropriate and realistic structures and allows the supervisor to determine what areas of development are of highest importance to the supervisee.

Individual phone Supervision

This is used predominantly as an ongoing structure for communicating between the supervisor & supervisee.  This is one of many options that can be chosen as a preferred way to be supervised when time is an issue and difficult to arrange.  Times for phone external supervision would be decided between the supervisor and supervisee.

Group Supervision (1)

Group supervision is used to establish relationships between all parties and enables an understanding of the dynamics.  This also enables the supervisee's to voice their concerns and participate in the journey of self-discovery.  This form of supervision requires the agreement of all parties and allows for access to self-determination and empowerment through actively involving all parties in decision-making.

Group Supervision (2)

This form of group supervision is used to have consultation between all supervisee's on the issues of importance to them. This time would be used for completing past communications, brainstorming and sharing of new ideas, and creating new beginnings. This supervision allows for development of cohesive group interactions and often results in greater team commitment and alignment of goals.

Creating and clearing calls

This time is used for preparing individuals prior to an important event or meeting where concern, nervousness, or distractions are present.   Creating a clearing is to have the client stand in their commitment.  This allows for the client to have clarity in their communication and their goals.  From experience this has proven to be a popular request and always leads to more effective outcomes for client.

A second call may be utilised after the event.  This is used to clarify what happened during the event so that the client is left complete with their experience.

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