Coaching Services

I take an holistic approach when coaching. I believe we, as human beings, are not one dimensional so therefore I like to consider the mind, body and spirit of who a person is when working with my client.

The following methods are some services I offer:

  • Individual face to face coaching
  • Individual phone coaching
  • Individual email coaching
  • Group workshops
  • Role-plays and scenarios, either individual or group work
  • Creating and clearing calls

Outline of Services

Individual face to face coaching
This service is used particularly for the first meeting with the client. This enables a relationship to be developed between coach and client and creates an understanding of the coaching guidelines.  Secondly, this time is used for setting the structures that will work for both the client and coach.  Thirdly, this first meeting allows the coach & client to determine what areas of development are of highest importance to the client.

Individual phone coaching
This is used predominantly as an ongoing structure for communicating between the coach and client.  This is one of many options that the client can choose as their preferred coaching arrangement.  Times for phone coaching would be decided between the coach and client. Phone coaching is a service that many clients choose because they are able to be with their emotions at the same time as being coached and not be stopped by that emotion.  What will be discussed during phone coaching are the areas of development that the client and coach feel are important.

Individual email coaching
This method is used for similar reasons as phone coaching but allows for clients with busy schedules to still have access to coaching.  This style works very well where the client is able to express themselves fully in their writing.

Group Workshops

These workshops are used to create what else is possible for an individual on a personal and professional level.  There are many different themes, for example:-

  • What is my purpose?   
  • How to deal with stress
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Creating a business
  • How do you deal with change?
  • Understanding yourself and feelings
  • Couples - creating a foundation of commitment.

Role-plays and Scenarios, either individual or group work
This time is available on request of the client or company and is used to put coaching into everyday practice.  Where coaching may be misunderstood, role-plays and scenarios provide a deeper awareness and an opportunity to explore different ways of expressing themselves.  Role-plays and scenarios also allow me to visually observe the behaviours of the client and allows for greater self-awareness. This is also a ground for practising being yourself in front of others while being trained

Creating and clearing calls
This time is used for coaching and preparing individuals prior to an important event.  

Creating a clearing is to have the client put aside their anxiousness, nervousness, worry, concern, stress, etc, and stand in their commitment.  This allows for the client to have clarity in their communication and their goals.

From experience this has proven to be a popular request of my coaching and always leads to more effective outcomes for both the client and the client’s audience.

A second call may be utilised after an event (completion call).  This is used to debrief and clarify what happened during the event so that the client is left at ease with their experience.  The completion call prevents upset or stress occurring after an event and leaves the client in a space to create future action.

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