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I often get asked why and how do I create a vision board.  Firstly A Vision board is to inspire you and move you closer to the things that you want to achieve in life. The moment that you are not inspired by what you see is the time to take that vision down and create another one or find a new way to inspire yourself

How I recommend you create the vision board is that you first collect pictures and words that inspire you. That has you dream about what is possible and do-able in your life.  Something that has you reach and experience the joy in life.  Once you have collected these words and pictures put them on a board in a way that what is in front of you comes alive for you. Now you can do this in many ways. For example

  • A picture frame on your wall
  • A screen saver on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone

Maybe you have some unique ways that you would like to share with me

What is important is that you have it in a place that you will see over and over and over again.  The reason why is that by having something in your space that inspires you, helps you to remember why you do what you and calls forth what you want in your life.

I also do need to say just wanting something will not have it happen.  It will cause the momentum however action is also required to have your dreams to turn to reality.  How you put action to your dreams is another conversation which I will get to in the next blog.

Enjoy creating, experience dreams & live an inspirational life

Love, light & peace

Coach Denise

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