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When it is time to make a decision, what & who do you listen to? I believe what is necessary when choosing what is next for you or what direction to take is to first gather all of the information that you already know.  List everything that others say is the best direction forward.

Categorize them into two lists - Pro's and Con's. Once you have done this put all of that aside.

Have you noticed what happens then is the voice in your head takes over and you have a conversation with yourself about what is the best step forward. Some of us even think if we do not make a decision that is the better thing to do however if you do not make a decision yourself eventually it will be made for you.  I do not believe there is such a space called doing nothing when it comes to making a decision. I believe that if you do not make a decision then in fact you are choosing to stay where you are.  That in itself is a decision. 

Try this instead.....

I call it "Calling In Your Wairua"  

Wairua is your spirit, your life force, your inner self.   

As you practise calling in your wairua, you will start to notice this is a space that is sacred to you.  This is a space of no right or wrong, no making excuses, no justifications. This is a space where you can receive the answers to the questions that you have been searching for. 

Have the courage to go there and ask your questions. The questions you want answers to. This space is a space of clarity, a place to be complete and be with one self.

Once you have practised calling in your wairua you will notice your path. Your journey will open up and guide you through your life.  You will notice that you have been on your path for a very long time and now it all makes sense.  All that is left to do is be true to you and follow this path.  This in itself will take courage, persistence and practise and even more practise. And remember the fun is in the practise.

I can hear you asking how do I get there, how do I call in my wairua? 

You simply think of a time when you felt pure joy, love and peace. A time when you felt proud.  And keep practising being in that space.  Once you have practised being in that space while sitting in quiet times then practise when you are busy, or upset or overwhelmed. With practice comes mastery and once you have mastery you will be able to call in your wairua whenever you choose and receive the answers to your questions. 

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